Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Very Silent Night, for All But Dogs

Most people know that dogs can hear frequencies too high for humans to hear. But that doesn't mean something in those frequencies can't be music to their ears.

The New Zealand SPCA has released a CD single called A Very Silent Night. Not only that, they released a music video featuring NZ rapper Dei Hamo, as well.

Unfortunately for us in the U.S., it appears the only retailer selling these CDs is The Warehouse, which advertises itself as New Zealand's "leading music retailer." Cost: $4.99.

I'll say I played the music video on my PC, and didn't get a reaction from my dogs. They just continued to sack out on the couch. However, they didn't put their paws over their ears or start howling either. For them, that's probably the best review this video could expect.

Watch, but don't expect to listen, to the video.

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Anonymous said...


Consumer speakers are incapable of producing sound that is too out of the human hearing range.

I'm willing to bet there's not really anything on that cd at all. Instead of playing it for your dogs, why not run it through an audio analyzer? It's probably just one flat tone if anything at all.