Saturday, December 8, 2007

Could Mormonism Be the Greenest Religion?

Earlier this week a Michigan State University study was released which indicated that divorce may have an environmental cost. The reasoning behind it is pure common sense: divorced couples, living apart, obviously use more resources simply because of that fact. But the study quantified that information.

In fact, the study found that in the U.S., divorced households spent 46% more per capita on electricity and 56% more on water than married households did. Like I said, common sense quantified.

That got me to thinking. If a typical American family was good, couldn't an atypical family be better? I don't simply mean a couple with 12 kids ... that is still, in many scientists' opinions, very non-green. I mean a polygamist household.

I mean, think about the savings by combining all those households into one! Or perhaps another possibility is a cult like Waco, where a large number of people live in a compound.

Before people correct me, I realize that despite Warren Jeffs' best attempts, the Mormon church no longer sanctions polygamy. I also realize that this is strictly theoretical (and tongue-in-cheek). Realistically we'd need MSU or someone else to do another study.

Any takers out there?

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