Monday, November 26, 2007

Lassie Supports the Hollywood Writers Strike

Yes, our favorite collie appears to be supporting the Writers Guild of America (WGA) by picketing (see pic). In reality this is an imposter (we know Lassie has plenty of stand-ins) ... but it is Lulu, a descendent of Lassie (though since there have been many Lassies, it's hard to say which one!).

However, as Lassie and his (yes, remember Lassie is a he) owners and descendents have made tons of money off the hard-working backs of Hollywood writers, through TV series and movies, it's likely he supports the WGA.

(Besides, anything for a cool-looking dog picture, I say. The identity of Lulu was confirmed in a photo caption at The USA Today, though they were not interested in Lulu, while I was!)

The WGA went on strike Nov. 5th over payment for work aired on the Web. Talks are reportedly set to start again today.

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Anonymous said...

Yes!! About time our breed is represented by "Lassie". As a parent of a CSUN graduate in film and two collies; a rough tri (Scout) and Autumn 'a sable and white smooth collie. We proudly support the writer's strike. It's time that the networks start treating these writers with the respect they deserve. Without them, you have nothing

Meadowcrest Collies